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Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson expressed a powerful message about faith and God in a recent Facebook post, revealing his gratitude for his successes as well as his health.

Gibson, who published the post on his 38th birthday on Dec. 30, said the message was written right after he prayed to God in one of the most open and wonderful conversations he had ever had with the Almighty.

“Thank you father God for allowing me to see another birthday,” he wrote. “I just finished praying on the beach looking up at the stars. I just had one of the best open and honest talks with God about where I am, what he has brought me through and how I have never ever, ever lost faith in HIM throughout some of my darkest hours.”

Gibson said that, as a result, he believes God has offered “grace and favor” over his life, his family, his health and his career, leading him to what he described as a happy place in his life.

Source: Faithwire/Billy Hallowell


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