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As Kim Burrell is raked over the coals in media for her comments on homosexuality, many within the gospel community have been silent.

Now GRAMMY® Award-winning singer Donnie McClurkin is both breaking and explaining his own silence, while making it clear that he is “holding Kim Burrell up in prayer.”

“Let me tell you something. Everything I want to say, I will say to Kim,” said the “We Fall Down” singer on Periscope early Sunday, Jan. 8.

The New York-based pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport used James 1:19 as the foundation for his hesitance to speak out, telling followers, “The Bible says you’ve got to be slow to speak, quick to hear and slow to anger. And so I’ve got to sit back, and I’ve got to pray.”

The high-profile minister’s response comes on the heels of RCA gospel artist Tasha Page Lockhart’s tearful plea for gospel industry veterans and other Christians to come forward on Burrell’s behalf, and defend her.

“Kim is my sister, always will be. Whether I agree or don’t agree, that’s for brothers and sisters to discuss, but she’s my sister in Christ and I love her. Always will,” said McClurkin, 57, who has previously shared his testimony of being molested by male relatives and subsequently delivered from the sin of homosexuality.

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source: Marcus Hall // EEW Magazine News

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