President Barack Obama will give his farewell speech to thousands of his supporters on Tuesday in Chicago to highlight his administration’s accomplishments over the last eight years.

While Obama is set to hand off the reigns of the presidency at noon on Jan. 20 to Donald Trump, Obama leaves office relatively popular with a 55 percent approval rating, according to Gallup.

While numerous events have molded the Obama presidency, here are seven moments that the Obama presidency could be best remembered for:

Signing the Affordable Care Act into law – March 23, 2010

Obama spent much of his first year in office trying to convince fellow Democrats and Americans to sign on to his key campaign promise to reform health care. Obama was looking to make a big overhaul to the nation’s health care industry. After 14 months of sparring with Congress, Obama sort of finally got the health care reform he desired.

Obama was unable to convince Congress to approve the bill without an individual mandate. He also was unable to get the public option he desired. Regardless, Obama took credit and ownership for the bill, and later embraced the “Obamacare” moniker Republicans gave the legislation.

But for Obama, the passage of the Affordable Care Act cost the president a lot of political capital. Obama’s approval ratings dropped to 40 percent, and many Democrats faced opposition when they returned from Washington.

Even seven years after the bill’s passage, Republicans are looking to repeal the legislation citing increased premiums. Democrats are hoping to keep much of the bill’s key provisions in tact, citing record low uninsured figures.

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