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I’m just going to pray for him. At the end of the day, he’s still a human being,” Good told The Grio last week. “I don’t accept and I’m not OK with a lot of the stuff that has gone on, but he’s still a human being and a child of God.”

The 35-year-old actress gearing up to star in the Lifetime film “Love by the 10th Date,” has previously gone on record to speak out against Trump’s public behavior. However, when she appeared on the D.L. Hughley radio show, Good made it clear that she wouldn’t even help him reach the black community if he offered her $2 million.

“I wouldn’t take nothing from him, sorry,” she said on the radio show last year.

“I met Donald Trump and he was lovely when I met him but everything that I’m seeing, looking up and googling, I’m just not for it. I wouldn’t help him,” Good said. “He was very sweet. He did say I was very pretty.”

While Good went on to call Trump “very nice,” she did say she was turned off by “all of the other stuff.”

Source: Christian Post/Christine Thomasos


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