After suffering through a very public divorce from her late megachurch pastor husband Zachery Tims in 2009, whose affair with drugs and sex ultimately ended his life two years later, Riva Tims is opening up about life after his death. She also has some advice on how churches can better serve fallen pastors.

In her latest book When It All Comes Together, Tims shares her painful process of recovery and the challenges of her new life as a single mother with four children, including a son with cerebral palsy.

She also talks about the pain of losing the once popular and now Paula White-led New Destiny Christian Center, which she co-founded with her late ex-husband, and how God used those events to birth the now thriving 1,700-member Majestic Life Church that she heads in Florida.

“This book came about after seven years of really excruciatingly horrible trials,” Tims explained in an interview with The Christian Post Monday.

It is a sequel, she says, to her 2012 book When It All Falls Apart, which details the circumstances that led to the accidental death of her ex-husband from “acute intoxication by the combined effects of cocaine and heroin” in a New York City hotel and the media circus that followed.

“Nothing — and I mean nothing — in my life turned out the way I thought it would. I was supposed to be a hospital administrator happily married to my accountant husband, Zachery Tims. I never thought Zachery and I would become pastors, but God sent us to begin a church in Orlando,” she writes in the new book.

She talks candidly about church politics that sometimes prioritizes business over ministry and how that process contributed to her troubles. She mentions what she considers an underhanded manner in which Paula White, who is now President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, took leadership of New Destiny Christian Center and how she was able to release the pain from that ordeal with God’s help.

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source: Christian Post/ Leonardo Blair

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