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Medical professionals are big on encouraging exercise as a way to improve heart function while also strengthening muscles for overall health.

So why wouldn’t similar exercises apply to people living with asthma?

There are breathing exercises that, like aerobic exercises, can strengthen the lungs to relieve asthma symptoms or, in some cases, even prevent the recurrence of asthma attacks.

According to the American Lung Association, the lung of an asthma patient loses springiness over time. Therefore, their lungs aren’t capable of returning to its original wide position, which causes air to get trapped in the lungs.

As that stale air builds up, there’s less room for fresh oxygen to enter the lung. Thus, oxygen levels get lower and lower and lead to the wheezing and puffing associated with asthma.

To make up for the lessened functionality of the lungs through asthma, the body uses other muscles for breathing – such as your neck, back and chest. This, however, doesn’t assist with breathing; it only adds more stress to your body, which is not good for people living with asthma

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