Some people’s social media philosophy is “the more the merrier,” but that may not be the healthiest

mindset according to author Cora Jakes-Coleman.

The daughter of megachurch pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes told her 64,000 Instagram followers that

they could potentially reduce the negativity on their timelines by simply disconnecting from

unhealthy people.

Some of you could stop this unnecessary social media fasting by just cleaning your friend list,” she

shared with her followers in a black and white text graphic. Her succinct thoughts ended with the

hashtag #ThoughtsFromCora.

The Faithing It author, who became an ordained Elder through The Potter’s House School of

Ministry in 2016, thinks that many people run for cover from online trolls and vulgar individuals

under the guise of a “social media fast”—meaning taking a break from online interactions.

But Jakes-Coleman believes becoming tech-timid and shunning Facebook, Twitter or Instagram,

instead of blocking and deleting the biggest online offenders, is counter-productive to a Christian’s

calling to be a shining light, even within the often morally depraved Internet community.

“Never run from an atmosphere that you have the power to shift and change,” advised Jakes-

Coleman, who has come up against some online trouble-makers of her own.

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source: Andrea Culpepper // Empowering Everyday Women Ministries News

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