From the time a now viral video from The Scene, featuring a woman in an intimate discussion with

her ex about why he cheated, hit the Internet, it drove viewers crazy and spawned the social

media hashtag #HurtBae.

Her name is Kourtney Jorge. His name is Leonard Long III. And the two of them together, though

unintentionally, are teaching Christian women 3 powerful lessons on dating and relationships.

Before getting into what those lessons are, let’s establish a brief bit of background.

In this wildly popular video, Kourtney and Leonard’s dramatic story unfolds to the public while the

two are sitting face-to-face against a grey backdrop with soft music playing in the background,

adding to the conversation’s emotional intensity.

The former couple started out as best friends who met in college and wound up dating for three

years. Leonard admittedly cheated on his loyal girlfriend multiple—countless—times with no

concern for her feelings, as you will see when you press play on the video below.

Lesson #1: If he has a lustful heart and isn’t committed to the Lord, he will hurt


I have been Kourtney, sadly, more than once. Though I have since matured with the help

of the Lord (after a lot of mistakes due to my own unwillingness to face truth), I have

learned something. A man has to want to be faithful. Leonard had no desire to be in a

monogamous, committed relationship, so he cheated. His heart was given over to lust and

he was happy doing whatever he wanted, with whoever he wanted to do it. You can’t build

a solid relationship or any type of healthy, happy future with a man like that.

You must want a man whose heart belongs to the Lord more than you just want a man. He

has to have a passion for pleasing God and honoring the Lord with his lifestyle. Otherwise,

no matter how good of a girlfriend you are, how sweet, beautiful, accommodating, or even

forgiving, a man given to lust will play the field on you. He will hurt you.

Lesson #2: Value yourself enough to expect biblical treatment from your man.

As a Christian woman, you must value yourself enough that, if a man does not exemplify

biblical attributes in the way he treats you, you will leave him, knowing fully that you

deserve better. A man with husband potential will love you selflessly, “just as Christ loved

the church and gave himself up for her” as Ephesians 5:25 says.

One of the most heartbreaking lines in the video is uttered by Kourtney when she

expresses that she knew Leonard was cheating, but didn’t leave. Her reason for staying,

she said, is “because you’re my best friend.” That was gut-wrenching. The emotion on her

face and the tears falling from her eyes tells how wounded she was and still remains.

But Kourtney is a classic example of millions of women who sympathize with, put up with,

and stay with a man who is unfaithful because they love him too much to move on. I know

that feeling. But as a Christian woman, let the Bible be your guide. Know that God wants

and has better for you. He has someone who will love you the right way: sacrificially and


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source: Ashley Peterson // Empowering Everyday Women // Love and Relationships

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