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These Republicans Didn’t Like Trump At First. They Do Now:

In the beginning, they didn’t care for Donald Trump.

“Trump’s a buffoon,” David Searles said before casting a vote for Marco Rubio in the New Hampshire primary.
“He scares me,” Rebecca Meyer said before settling on Ben Carson in South Carolina’s primary.
“He’s not presidential,” Gail Francioli said after backing Ohio Gov. John Kasich in that state’s primary.
Yet like nearly nine out of 10 Republicans nationwide, Searles, Meyer and Francioli supported Trump in the general election. And like the vast majority of Republicans, they support him still.
In fact, these one-time-skeptics are part of the bulwark that is bolstering a President whose first month in office roiled the nation.
Consider Wendy Housel of Summerville, South Carolina. She was so distraught by her party’s nominee that she cried in the voting booth. She cast a ballot for Trump anyway, and prayed it was the right thing to do.
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David Cassidy Says He Has Dementia:

David Cassidy, the 66-year-old singer and actor, says he is battling dementia.

The former teenage heartthrob told People magazine that dementia runs in his family, affecting both his grandfather and his mother.
“I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming,” he said to People, regarding the disease.
Cassidy said he would step back from touring.
“I want to focus on what I am, who I am and how I’ve been without any distractions. I want to love. I want to enjoy life,” he told the magazine.
CNN reached out to Cassidy’s representatives.

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New Trump Travel Ban Order Nearing Completion:

The Trump administration is planning to roll out as early as this week a revised executive order on immigration that the President says will “protect our people” while at the same time pass muster with courts that halted an earlier version.

Sources said the new order will clarify a point that caused confusion the first time around: The executive order will not impact green card holders.
“The President is contemplating releasing a tighter, more streamlined version of the first executive order,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said at the Munich Security Conference over the weekend. Acknowledging the rushed rollout of the previous order that caused chaos in airports across the country and widespread demonstrations, Kelly said that officials are working on a “phase in” period for parts of the order to take effect.

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Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Family After Split With Brad Pitt:

A new project about family and loss has led Angelina Jolie to talk about her own.

The actress spoke with the BBC about her new movie, “First They Killed My Father,” which she directed and produced.
The Netflix original film tells the story of the Cambodian genocide through the eyes of a child.
It’s a project that is near and dear to Jolie’s heart. She adopted her first child, son Maddox, from Cambodia after visiting and falling in love with the country 17 years ago, Jolie said.
“I’ll always be very grateful to this country,” Jolie told the BBC. “I don’t think I ever could give back as much as this country has given me.”

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Trump Picks Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster As New National Security Adviser:

President Donald Trump announced Monday that Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster will serve as his next national security adviser, filling the void left last week by the sudden dismissal of Michael Flynn.

McMaster, the head of the Army Capabilities Integration Center, will become one of Trump’s top national security and foreign policy advisers, taking the helm of the White House’s National Security Council, which was left rudderless after Flynn was forced to resign after just 24 days on the job.
Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who had been serving as the acting national security adviser since Flynn’s exit, will return to his role as chief of staff of the National Security Council.
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