We all are guilty of posting a photo that we liked enough but wished that “one piece of hair was out our face” or “had the sun not have been so bright” it would’ve been “PERFECT”! Even though we think those things we aren’t as quick to point them out in our caption. Well, today Kierra Sheard did just that. On Instagram, she posted a beautiful selfie today.

Speck in my eye. Bumps on my face. Double chin since 9 years old. Disney eyes. Smell master nose. Black girl lips. I love it all! ☺️ #selfLove

The most beautiful part of the post, however, was the caption. She pointed out every flaw in the picture and ended it with “I love it all”! Many people have commented agreeing with her and admiring her beauty! Shoutout to Kierra for loving it all!! What if this began a new #challenge called #loveitall ? I like the idea!


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