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The famous Spears sisters, Britney and Jamie Lynn, publicly turned to God after a tragic accident left Jamie Lynn’s 8-year-old daughter unconscious in the hospital. Now the young mother reveals that God used the tragedy to get her priorities in line.

Jamie’s daughter, Maddie Briann Aldridge, is now fully recovered. And in celebration of her 26th birthday, the happy mother took to Instagram with a snapshot of a Christian devotional she’s reading with a lengthy caption alongside of it where she reveals God used the situation to put her in her place.

“I’m not one to preach, and I’m no priest, but God’s timing is no coincidence,” Jamie wrote. “I hate seeing, much less, reading someone’s long post, but here I go: Music, and my career [has] always been a big passion in my life, as well as to create a future that my family could be proud of. I have been working on my music for almost a decade now, and I have had many great successes as an artist/writer, but I was always wondering, how long I would have to WAIT for my big break? Wow, did God put me in my place…”

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source: Charity Gibson/The Christian Post

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