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Teacher talking to bullied young girl

Source: LWA / Getty

After horrific events like shootings or attacks by terrorists, parents are faced with this dilemma: What do I tell my kids? How can I talk to them about something so senseless and indiscriminate? About something that we can’t make sense of ourselves?

“When we feel ourselves bombarded by images of brutal, ruthless violence and evidence of unbridled hate, the question of how to protect our children is a complex one,” said Dr. Claudia Gold, a pediatrician, infant mental health specialist and author of“The Silenced Child: From Labels, Medications, and Quick-Fix Solutions to Listening, Growth and Lifelong Resilience.” “We immediately jump to ask, ‘What do I say?’ “

Gold and other parenting experts stress that the age of children and their temperament really determines what — and how much — to share.
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