With the transition to Spring and warmer weather, now is the best time to take a look at your beauty routine with fresh eyes and revamp for the new season. Beauty expert, dermatologist and Vaseline ambassador Dr. Brooke Jackson shares her key tips to help you minimize clutter, better utilize the products you love, and even try something new.

1. Turn down the heat & Turn up the humidity: In the winter, we tend to shower with excessively hot water, so now that spring upon us, dial down that steamy heat to a comfortable warm (not hot) temperature and keep it to 10 minutes or less. Long hot showers feel great for the moment, however they will dry out your skin and will ultimately make it itchy, which can exacerbate other skin conditions like eczema. If you shower at night, sleeping with a small humidifier in your bedroom can also help replenish moisture in the air, ultimately benefitting your skin.

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