A black gun

Source: Adam Gault / Getty

The Cleveland Patrolmen’s Association announced it will soon be filing a lawsuit against toy gun manufacturers in federal court.

CPPA attorney Henry Hilow told News 5 the civil lawsuit will not seek financial damages, but rather seek to restrict the design of toy guns, so they don’t look so realistic.

“These fake weapons put the community at risk, puts law enforcement at risk, something has to be done,” Hilow said. “The remedy that we’d be looking for is that that gun could not replicate. That that gun would be of such a color have such a tip.”

The realistic look of toy guns has been a charged issue since the shooting death of Tamir Rice. Cleveland police were called after someone saw Rice, 12, playing with a toy gun at the Cudell Recreation Center November 2014. One of the officers shot and killed Rice within seconds of arriving at the scene.

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