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Not too long ago, I logged in to my Bible app to read the verse of the day and do a little studying, when all of a sudden, an icon popped up bearing the face of a lady I knew from one of my social media pages. Since we apparently both use the Bible app, it asked if I would like to connect with her.

To be honest, I found it distracting. When I open my Bible app, the only person I’m trying to connect with is Jesus.

Not that there is anything wrong with engaging friends, but when the Internet starts inviting me to mingle with them online when I should be focusing on the Lord only, that could be problematic.

We often waste time we don’t have and sometimes interact with people who wouldn’t have made it past our front door in real life. When access to nearly anything is just a click away, we can be quick to make decisions that might be unhealthy and that we’ll later regret.

So please make sure to think before you do the following things on the Internet:

Think Before You Follow. When you follow someone, they show up in your feed and you are giving them permission to influence you—for better or for worse. Use discernment when you hit Follow, because not everyone is worthy to lead you. Abide by this scripture found in 1 Corinthians 11:1 (NIV), “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” If overexposure to someone could end up messing up your walk with Christ, keep it moving. If they aren’t feeding your spirit, they do not need to be on your radar 24/7.

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source: Empowering Everyday Women Ministries // Spiritual

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