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Source: Alan Copson / Getty

The city of Cleveland will tear down a trio of vacant homes Thursday, as part of Mayor Frank Jackson’s Healthy Neighborhood initiative.

The city has allotted $5 million for the tearing down of vacant structures. The cost to tear down one home is about $8,000, meaning the city can demolish about 625 homes within its budget.

Vacant property is down about 50 percent compared to four years ago. Since then, the city has demolished nearly 4,000 homes, meaning about 4,000 remain.

Jackson is expected to discuss how the city will pick which homes will be demolished in a news conference Thursday.

The initiative results largely from the death of Alianna DeFreeze, a 14-year-old who was murdered and found dead inside a vacant home on Fuller Avenue earlier this year.

Now, the city aims to making walking to school safer for students.


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