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Insecure Actress Yvonne Orji is pretty clear about what she loves, “I love being Nigerian, I love to laugh and I love Jesus. It’s the one-three punch,” the actress recently revealed.  Orji who is not shy about loving Jesus, admits that she gets asked a lot how can she be a Christian and play Molly Carter, the corporate lawyer on HBO’s Insecure who is prone to profanity and casual sex.

Orji answer is simple, she communicates!

 “I’m able to use my words and communicate with the production company and the directors and everyone just to get on the same page and say, ‘Hey, listen: I have a brand that I want to protect. I understand this character has different things that she wants to convey. How do we marry the two whereby I can still protect my brand and I can still live in the truth of this character?’”

Check out her full interview with Goldderby:

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