Lockers in empty high school corridor

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An African-American high school student was shocked when she saw a picture of herself under a noose shared among students in her chemistry class at a Southern California high school.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, it’s me being lynched,’” 15-year-old Aina Adewunmi told the Daily News.

A male classmate at Palisades Charter High School shared the disturbing image in a group chat that included friends — and Aina.

Aina explained that she’d become friendly with a group of boys when she transferred to the school in January.

But that friendship ended when the dynamic became racist.

“They added me to their group chat and then started using the N-word,” Aina said.

Repeated racist interactions with one boy in particular caused Aina to sever ties with him.

Then the lynching photograph surfaced.

“I immediately went to the principal,” Aina said

( we will not show the photo)

School administrators suspended the boys for the remainder of the term, but Aina and her mother think their punishment is far too light, and sends the wrong message to other students.

“The kids at Pali need to know there zero tolerance for this. It shouldn’t even be a question whether they should be expelled,” Aina said.

Aina’s mother, Tracy Adewunmi, has also called for the boys’ expulsion. “We asked the students to be expelled and the school is not going to expel them — which is saddening because it means they tolerate this behavior.”

so what do you think should happened to the young men that did this??



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