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Ladder On Fire Engine Against Sky

Source: Michael Freshwater / EyeEm / Getty

Police have confirmed 12 deaths so far from Wednesday morning’s deadly high-rise fire in London, but officials say that number is expected to rise. Firefighters are going floor-by-floor searching for survivors inside of the 24-story apartment tower.

Here in Northeast Ohio, Cleveland 19 is looking into how local fire departments respond to fires like this.

There are plenty of high rise buildings in downtown Cleveland, Akron, and some of the suburbs, so fire departments are trained to handle worst-case scenarios.

“Anything can happen, for a city our size just a little bit smaller scale,” said Doug Turner with the Parma Fire Department.

Parma’s tallest building is the hospital — University Hospitals Parma Medical Center — at about 10 floors.

Turner says they use “apartment packs” to respond to high rise apartment fires. Firefighters find a hook-up for the hose on the outside of the apartment building to pump in the water. Then they climb the stairs to the floor below where the fire started to hook up the other end to a pipe.

So what should you do if you’re ever stuck in a high rise building that catches on fire?

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