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The co-creator of OWN’s hit church drama, Greenleaf is not only a white man, but he use to be a minister.  Craig Wright recently spoke at the United Theological Seminary, where he discussed being a white guy capturing the nuances of the black mega church on the show.

Here is what Wright had to say about being a white guy who write, produce and capture all the nuances of the Black megachurch on Greenleaf:

In a sense, the show was created by someone Black, or at least co-created. The show came about from conversations between me and Oprah. She and I met around her documentary Belief that she aired on [OWN].

Our discussions about that turned into discussions about whether to and how to create a show about the Black church. So, I said to Oprah, “[Did] you know I used to be a minister?” And she said, “Of a Black church?” So we just continued talking. Oprah and I shook hands and decided to make it happen.

I’m certainly not a person that has lived all of these experiences. My success at this job was going to be dependant on how closely I listened to people about their experiences and enfranchising my Black partners to make this show their own.

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