Mary Mary With Their Families In Israel

courtesy of Erica Campbell:

Tina Campbell has given us a snippet of her and her sisters paying tribute to their late father Eddie Atkins Jr. who passed away from cancer.  According to Tina, the WE tv  camera’s captured it all for season 6 of Mary Mary.

Tina Campbell

The tribute happened while the ladies were still in Israel filming season 6 of Mary Mary.

Tina also shared that if we wonder where she gets her courage from, she gets it from her daddy who convinced her she could do all things through Christ who strengthens her.

Gathered around reminiscing about the good ole days with our #daddy singing….”Oh oh Eddie” in #Israel If you ever wonder where i got my courage from, my lion heart daddy convinced me that i could really do all things through Christ who strengthened me (Phil 4:13). I just happened to believe it as a very little girl and with God’s help i became a lion hearted woman just like my #daddy Eddie Aaron Atkins Jr. Now that’s how you leave a legacy, and all of it is captured on season 6 of the #MaryMaryShow #MMSeason6 is gonna be a good one.

Tina continued,

We’re on 4 continents in 1 month. We’re touring the #Holyland with our entire family. We’re ministering, inspiring, encouraging, parenting, got kids graduating, doing web series, radio show, concerts all over the world, and everything in between so plan to tune in to #MaryMaryShow season 6 cause i believe it’s gonna be the best season yet


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