On June 23rd, prolific songwriter, worshipper and revered recording artist, James Fortune, will release his much-anticipated 8th album, Dear Future Me (eOne). This breakthrough CD, certain to resonate with music fans of every persuasion, is the transparent tale of a man and his turbulent season characterized by separation, confinement and serious counselling.

The album opens up James composing a lamenting letter, setting the tone to a deep album, designed to deliver much more than music. It is behind this backdrop that approached James Fortune with questions in search of answers, looking for a contrite Christian with lots to share. Surprisingly enough, James was open, honest and honorable throughout the exchange, pulling no punches, owning every mishap, while declaring a brighter and better Future Me.
Christopher Heron: What’s one really interesting thing about you that would surprise most people?

James Fortune: Well, for the last 11 years I’ve been a pescatarian, which means I don’t eat any meat other than seafood. So no chicken, no turkey, no pork, no beef for the last 11 years.

Christopher Heron: Was that inspired by healthy living?
James Fortune: It was a combination. Healthy living was one reason but then then I did some research, I saw a PETA video on how animals are treated and that made me look deeper into how meat is prepared, things that go into it, how they allow animals that are sick to be sold for meat. So it had a lot to do with health as well as cruelty that’s done to animals.

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