Scholarship season is upon us. Jonathan Mcreynolds and his Elihu Nation Foundation is giving away $5,000 for college.

The application process will start July 1st, and you can apply at 

Mcreynolds founded Elihu Nation with guidance from his mother Janis Mcreynolds, and his sister Dina Everage.

Jonathan McReynolds was inspired by his graduate studies at Moody Bible Institute (Master of Arts in Applied Biblical Studies, ’15) to create Elihu Nation. In his opinion, the African American community and the African American Church do not adequately encourage its musicians, preachers, and, quite frankly, any of its spiritual leaders to pursue higher education for the development of those gifts and talents.

He immediately wanted to be able to celebrate the young people that did take the plunge into art school or seminary with the purpose of using their gifts to more effectively communicate the Gospel and Christian wisdom. It was actually while presenting this idea to his alma mater Columbia College (Bachelor of Music ’11) where McReynolds was offered a position as adjunct instructor of a new gospel repertory ensemble which he currently teaches. This teaching experience, interacting with several of these Elihu-like students, expanded his ambitions for this organization.

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