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Summer is officially here, but there are some scams neighbors need to be aware of.

The latest scam to hit our area is a phone scam. The caller claims to be from the electric company and says you need to pay an extra charge to avoid getting your air conditioning shut off. We reached out to the local Better Business Bureau and they tell us they’ve dealt with several of these calls. The caller claims to be “Miss Sanders.” Experts with the BBB tell Cleveland 19 that an electric company would never demand money over the phone and that you would get notices before having your air conditioning shut off.

Another scam to be aware of is the vacation rental scam. The Better Business Bureau warns travelers to be aware of rental scams that could play havoc with vacation plans. The BBB processed more than a thousand consumer complaints about vacation rentals last year. Vacation rental scams may create ads with fake pictures of homes that don’t even exist. The best thing we can do is check out the property ahead of time and pay with your credit card so that we can reverse the charge if need be.


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