Kierra Sheard

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When all know someone who can sang, but it’s their vocal health that’s really important. spoke with Ashaala Shannae, an International Singer/Songwriter, Celebrity Vocal Health Pedagogist and CEO of The Music & Arts Healing Institute in Miami, FL, to talk vocal health and why you must maintain your vocal health if you want to have a successful career in the entertainment industry.

“Vocal health is vocal wealth, and the more people have vocal health issues, the more it is affecting what they do in their career. There’s a direct correlation between vocal health and the entertainment industry,” says Ashaala. “Right now, we’re finding that a lot of media personalities, radio personalities, recording artists and a lot of people who utilize their vocal folds (also known as vocal chords) for career advancement are having severe poor vocal health problems because of just poor choices and how to utilize their vocal folds.”

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