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Yellow labrador puppies running

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You may think fireworks are pretty, but your pup probably hates them.

This time of year puts pets at risk for a lot of problems — from loud fireworks to dangerous leftovers, your furry friends might not be as happy as you are.

Here are five tips to keep your pets happy during the summer holidays, according to the experts at Ask.Vet. You can also watch the video at the bottom and watch WKYC at 6 p.m. to hear all of Monica Robins’ tips.

1. Expect an escape attempt

Loud noises like fireworks can be frightening to pets, who may take off running to seek shelter. In fact, July 4 is one of the top days in terms of runaway pets. Make sure you secure your fence and gates and seek out any potential escape holes. If you can, keep your pets indoors.

2. Keep tabs on the trash

Don’t let your pup go sniffing through the garbage, especially if you’ve had barbecue. Pets could choke on leftover bones and corn cobs you may have thrown out. If food gets caught in your pet’s GI tract, it could lead to pancreatis.

3. Consider sedatives

Ask.Vet says it’s OK to give your pet a sedative if it suffers from anxiety. You can get sedatives from your vet, ot try anxiety-reducing medications such as Trazodone, Alprazolam and Sileo.

4. Beware of things that bite

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