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Erica Campbell and sister, Tina Campbell better known as the gospel duo,  Mary Mary have been in the studio working on new music with Erica’s husband, and producer Warryn Campbell.  Well the ladies  premiered a new song  “Farewell” off their upcoming album while in Israel and recently discussed the song.  Check it out what the ladies had to…

About the new song:

Tina: It’s called “Farewell”. Basically, it’s saying goodbye to every issue, every care, every concern – just bidding them goodbye!

Erica: I think that’s what we have to do, we have to just escort them out, all the issues and cares and concerns, because they can sit with you, you can think about them and wonder, and ponder. But I’d rather ask the problems to leave, and welcome the presence and power of God, his healing, and every other thing that I need – peace and contentment and grace and mercy and favor and all the things that God promised to us. But we do have to come out of agreement with the negative thoughts and negative feelings and all the things that we have dealt with: we know it’s real, but it doesn’t have to stay a reality.

Tina: There’s two different things you’re dealing with: you’re dealing with the reality and you’re dealing with the truth. The reality is an everchanging circumstance. The truth is that God said he is with you, the truth is that everything will work out for your good, the truth is that what the Devil means for evil, God can turn it around for good. The truth is that I have hope, the truth is that all things are possible if I can believe. So we have learned over all of our years of being Mary Mary, the other perspective of worrying, breaking under pressure, letting your emotions get the best of you always sent us into a frenzy, and sometimes things work out. So you wasted all your energy with hopelessness and despair and worry for nothing! So we just choose not to give our energy to that anymore – that’s not to say that things don’t challenge us and sometimes get under our skin, but we’ve understood, fully and completely, at this point in time in our lives and in our career and in our ministry that God is with us and things are going to work out, and if doesn’t work out, we’re going to learn from it and go through it, and get through i


No word yet on when Mary Mary’s project will be out, but we will be sure to keep you posted.

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