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In McConnell Spat, Trump Banks On His Base:

The only surprise about President Donald Trump’s flare-up with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is that it took so long.

The President — an instinctive, outspoken, impatient New Yorker — often decries checks on his power, thinks the Senate is a talking shop and is as different as it is possible to be from the charisma-challenged McConnell.
The Kentuckian is the archetypal senator, a man of few public words who prefers Capitol Hill backrooms to Twitter, who reveres the chamber he leads and loves the political long game so much that he named his memoir after it.

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How A US Strike On North Korea Could Play Out:

t’s the no-win situation that can only be imagined by US military officials tasked with preparing for a worst-case scenario — conducting a preemptive strike on North Korea.

With little time to evacuate, millions of innocent citizens would be caught in the crossfire if the US and its regional allies were to initiate a first strike, that would almost certainly result in high casualties on both sides.
Such an operation would consist of a swift and multi-dimensional attack, as the fight would be defined by the first minute of combat, according to Jerry Hendrix, a retired Navy captain and senior fellow at the Center for New American Security.

Image result for Can you really go blind staring at an eclipse? Tips for safe viewing

Can You Really Go Blind Staring At An Eclipse?:

On August 21, the moon’s shadow will block the sun from view in a total solar eclipse.

Wherever you are in the United States, you’re going to want to look up, and that’s OK. Every astronomer in the country will tell you to enjoy this rare opportunity. No matter what superstitions you’ve heard, there is no risk to your health due to simply being outside during a total solar eclipse.

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Silicon Valley Spars Over Googler’s Essay:

The 3,300-word manifesto written by an engineer at Google is the latest schism in Silicon Valley.

Written by a male engineer at the tech company and made public over the weekend, the memo mused that women aren’t suited for tech jobs due to “biological” reasons. Men have a “higher drive for status,” and women have higher rates of anxiety disorders — making for “lower numbers of women in high stress jobs,” it said.

Image result for Strong support for Taylor Swift following trial testimony

Taylor Swift’s testimony against a man she has accused of groping her has sparked a wave of support for the pop star on social media.

Swift alleges that former KYGO disc jockey David Mueller inappropriately touched her a backstage meet-and-greet in 2013.
“I am critical of your client for sticking his hand under my skirt and grabbing my ass,” Swift testified Thursday in response to a question from Mueller’s attorney.
“I’m not going to allow you or your client to make me feel in anyway that this is my fault because it isn’t,” she said.

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