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Spelman College is setting a precedent for historically Black colleges and universities across the country. On September 5 it was announced that the all-women’s college will openly admit trans women into their school for the 2018 to 2019 school year.

The current president of the school, Mary Schmidt Campbell, made the announcement via a letter to students, faculty and staff.

“Like same-sex colleges all over the country, Spelman is taking into account evolving definitions of gender identity in a changing world and taking steps to ensure that our policies and plans reflect those changes in a manner that is consistent with our mission and the law,” the letter reads. “Spelman College … will consider for admission women students including students who consistently live and self-identify as women, regardless of their gender assignment at birth.”

The letter further states, “If a woman is admitted and transitions to male while a student at Spelman, the College will permit that student to continue to matriculate at and graduate from Spelman.” Potential students can self-disclose their gender identity as an option.

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