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Urban Contemporary gospel group, and siblings, The Walls Group says their bus driver took their money and left them stranded in Atlanta.

According to reports, the bus driver left the group stranded and took their money, because the group wouldn’t listen to his advice.

The groups, parents, who also happen to be their manager have tried to contact the driver to no avail.  Reportedly the contact information he gave them was not legit.

The group took to Instagram to ask for help finding the driver of the bus:

If anyone can help us find this clown so we can serve him with demand letter papers we were instructed to do so by The Georgia Attorney General and The BBB it would be appreciated. Please help us to find this clown so we can take his behind to court and The Attorney General can deal with him!!

Supposedly he attends one of the prominent churches in Atlanta. And from his own admission, he is the Head of Security at this church. And his company drives tour buses for other celebrities like Rick Ross, DJ Khalid and his list goes on. His name on IG is Celebrity Bodyguard lol… His company name is Drew Diamond Tours . And his name is Drew Daniels. Everything he submitted to us is bogus, including his company and home addresses. Help the authorities find this guy!!!


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