Low Sugar BBQ Sauce

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via EEWMagazine:

People cope with stress and general difficulties in many different ways; some people turn to junk food to comfort them, some get drunk to avoid having to face the pain, and others take drugs to numb the sting of reality.

One thing that all these “coping” methods have in common, is that none of them truly gives comfort.

Instead, they give temporary relief, while adding another issue on top of the problems you already face—such as unhealthy weight gain, a drinking problem, or some other type addiction.

Why do we make our lives harder by attempting to permanently patch our problems with temporary fixes, when finding comfort is as easy as opening a book? The best comfort, and only genuine comfort, comes through the Word of the Lord.

Need evidence of this truth. Let’s read Romans 15:4 (NKJV):

 “For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.”

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