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The gospel music duo known collectively as Mary Mary will no longer be considered reality TV stars after the sixth season of their “Mary Mary” show ends.

In honor of Erica and Tina Campbell’s decision to end their show for good, The Christian Post has rounded up five memorable moments from their standout We TV reality show.

Erica and Tina Go to Therapy to Help Their Sisterhood

During the first season of “Mary Mary,” which aired five years ago, the gospel singers decided that they needed to go to therapy due to constant arguments that began to affect them touring together. While a pregnant Tina wanted to take about four weeks of vacation in 2012 after having her child, Erica’s work ethic was a bit different

2. Erica Gives Birth on National Television

Fans of “Mary Mary” have witnessed Tina’s five children along with Erica’s three grow up throughout the past five years. More than just showcasing both of their pregnancies and parenting in between hectic touring and recording schedules, Erica decided to give birth to her daughter, Zaya, with cameras rolling.


3. Teddy and Tina Campbell Vow Renewal

Tina and Teddy Campbell have been transparent about the infidelities that took place in their marriage on multiple seasons of their We TV show. After musician Teddy stepped out on his marriage multiple times, the couple filmed through the pain and heartache that came as a resul

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