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Article by Nyla Ortega // Empowering Everyday Women Ministries // Inspiration

Popcorn is a fairly popular treat that often makes an appearance during movie night—I mean, who doesn’t love a good bowl of fluffy, buttery popcorn? Uh, yum!

But, as you know, the fluffy kernels we eat didn’t start this way; the popcorn starts as a seed, with the potential to become an age-old snack food.

In order to become popcorn, the hard kernel has to be heated. The heat causes pressure to build in the popcorn seed until it becomes pliable, ruptures, and turns inside out, revealing the puffy, slightly crispy inside that we enjoy so much.

This may be the weirdest simile you’ve ever heard, but we are a lot like popcorn. Sometimes, the Lord will put us in a hotspot so that our potential manifests. He’ll let you endure the heat so that you will become pliable in His hands, allowing Him to shape you into who He wants you to be; and the pressure is there not to daunt you, but to cause the talents and purpose God has placed inside of you to come bursting out!

Just like the popcorn we love so much, we’ll have to go through uncomfortable situations to become all we were created to be. It may not feel good, but the end result is worth it.

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