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via TheChristianPost:

Pastor Jamal Bryant of Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple church says his heart and spirit have been broken by the mockery being made by Christians of what he says is a sincere testimony of a former prostitute during a New Year’s Eve church service.

The woman shown in a video that appears to have been first shared on social media by @TrevonPowell, gives her name as Sonia Menzie (phonetic spelling). It is unclear which church the testimony was shared at but Menzie began describing in graphic terms what her life used to be like as a “prostitute” before her testimony was cut short by church officials. The video has since been shared by millions of Christians and others online, mostly as a joke.

Bryant said that a number of Christians sent him the video, but he doesn’t believe Menzie’s testimony should have been treated as a laughing matter and argued that the church failed her by not allowing her the opportunity to be honest about where God brought her from.

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