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Daily, our favorite morning show hosts, journalists and lifestyle experts offer tidbits of advice,

and information, on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. But what you won’t hear a whole lot about

is your spiritual health.

While getting proper nutrition, exercise, vitamins and minerals is important, and can enhance

your quality of life, making sure you are doing all you can to enhance your spiritual health and

wellness this year.

Focus on spiritual maturity. Make it a priority to grow and develop your relationship with God,

so you won’t only be healthy physically, but also mentally and emotionally, too.

Try these “soul food” tips as you prioritize your spiritual diet and work to improve holistically.

1. Get still. When you want to grow stronger in the natural, you need to get moving with lots of

cardio and strength training, like weight-lifting. When you want to grow stronger in the spiritual,

get still. Treasure your quiet time where you can retreat into the presence of the Lord. Don’t let

anything or anyone consume your life to the point where you don’t have moments set aside

daily for conversations between you and God.

2. Eat bigger portions. In the natural, if you want to maintain a healthy weight, experts say

eat less. Consume smaller portions. But, in the spiritual, eating bigger portions of the word of

God is best. In Ezekiel 3:1, God said, “eat what is before you, eat this scroll.” The scroll

contained God’s words for Israel. You need to eat the scroll, too. In fact, up your intake. If you

are accustomed to reading one chapter, aim for two. The more you eat, the better.

3. Curb your weight-lifting. In the natural, this advice would be counterintuitive. As

mentioned earlier, lifting weights is a great way to train your muscles. It makes you stronger

and burns fat. But in the spiritual, lifting weights weighs you down, discourages you and burns

you out. As believers, we are to cast our burdens and cares upon the Lord, who cares for us

deeply (1 Peter 5:7).

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