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via Cleveland19:

An online challenge that encourages teens to kill themselves has caught the attention of a Northeast Ohio school district.

The Blue Whale Challenge is a 50-day challenge where teens complete dangerous and harmful activities suggested from a mobile app. To “win” the game, the challenger is convinced to commit suicide.

Massillon City Schools officials shared a warning to parents on their Facebook page after the disturbing trend has gained attention.

There have been several teen suicides within the past two years that are being linked to the Blue Whale Challenge.

The app, which originated in Russia, is no longer available online through the Google or Apple stores, but there are disguised copycat apps that have been surfacing through Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook that are similar to the Blue Whale Challenge.

Suicide is not the answer. There are several online resources to get help if you are considering suicide or if you know somebody who is.

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