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The issue of gun control always comes up in Congress after a mass shooting in the US — but there haven’t been any major gun reform laws in more than two decades.

President Donald Trump has suggested he’s open to new gun control laws, and started a discussion about what lawmakers can do to address the concern of mass shootings in the US after he announced his support to ban bump stocks.
Congress, which is back in session next week, is likely to address the issue of gun reform next.
Here’s a look at five proposals they could consider on gun reform:

1. Legislation to outlaw bump stocks (backing up the ATF) — has bipartisan support

Trump said Tuesday that he directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to propose changes that would ban bump fire stocks, which can be attached to a semi-automatic weapon to make it easier to fire rounds more quickly, similar to that of an automatic weapon.
He said he wanted the Department of Justice to “propose regulations that ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.”

Ivanka Trump: Arming teachers ‘not a bad idea:

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump says that the President’s idea of arming teachers is “not a bad idea,” but one that “needs to be discussed.”

PyeongChang Games end with spectacular closing ceremony — and calls for peace:

The PyeongChang Olympics have ended with a spectacular closing ceremony that once again saw athletes from North and South Korea marching together.

Preceded by months of mounting tension between North and South Korea and the US, the Games ended with a softening of relations between the two Korean countries, who competed under a united flag.
“The Olympic Winter Games at Pyeongchang has come to an end, but the time of peace will continue,” Korean president Moon Jae-in said in closing remarks distributed by the organizing committee ahead of the closing ceremony
The showpiece attracted a crowd of 35,000 spectators, including dignitaries such as US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, to the Pyeongchang Olympic stadium.

Democrats eye decade-altering wins in governors’ races:

For Democrats, this year’s governors’ races present a once-in-a-decade opening.

This year features 36 gubernatorial contests — including 23 in Republican-held states — starting in less than a month with the primary in Illinois to determine who will take on GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner, perhaps the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent.
It’s the opposite of this year’s Senate map, where Democrats are defending 10 seats in states President Donald Trump won in 2016.
What’s at stake in many of these races is an opportunity to have a direct hand in the congressional map-making process after the 2020 Census — something Republicans dominated after the wave election of 2010 swept them into power in statehouse across the country.
‘Black Panther’ roars past $700 million worldwide in week two:

“Black Panther” is still wearing the box office crown in its second weekend.

The Disney (DIS) and Marvel Studios film was the number one film in the U.S. for the second weekend in a row bringing in an estimated $108 million at the box office.

“Black Panther” becomes only the fourth film ever to cross $100 million in its second weekend, joining “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Jurassic World,” and “The Avengers.” It is the second highest second weekend for a film behind only “Force Awakens.”

“Black Panther” has also crossed the $700 million mark globally in just two weekends of release and will cross $400 million domestically on Sunday, its 10th day of release. The film has yet to open in China or Japan.

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