via Cleveland19:

Hundreds packed the small town streets of Hinckley, Ohio to be part of the 61st annual Buzzard Day celebration.

Many gathered at Brongers Park in the heart of Hinckley with eyes to the sky trying to spot a wild buzzard.

As of 10:17 a.m., there were 14 recorded sightings of buzzards.

Buzzard day dates back to 1957 when thousands would gather in the same place to welcome the buzzards home for spring.

For many, the tradition takes them back to their childhood. Anne Vainer came to the park today to celebrate her 60th birthday.

“My grandparents and I would come out here to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday and mine on March 15th, and we would come to see the buzzards and have pancakes, and we started that probably 55 years ago,” described Vainer.

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