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New Florida gun law used on brother of Parkland school shooter:

Authorities are trying to restrict Zachary Cruz, the younger brother of Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz, from having access to guns by using a new Florida law that passed in the aftermath of the school massacre.

On Tuesday, Broward County Sheriff’s Office filed for a “red flag” risk protection order that, if granted by a court, would let law enforcement temporarily seize firearms from Zachary Cruz and prevent him from getting new ones.

Why Trump won’t call Putin’s election win a ‘sham’:

Donald Trump doesn’t care what anyone thinks about his puzzling relationship with Vladimir Putin — that includes his own foreign policy team, Republican senators and US allies.

That much is clear from the President’s latest encounter with his Russian counterpart Tuesday that highlighted his refusal to ever publicly criticize Putin and his increasing tendency to follow his own counsel.
Trump’s administration says Russia assaulted American democracy, used a nerve agent in an attack on the soil of its closest ally, Britain, and just held an election that cannot be judged free and fair.
Yet the President did not bring up any of those issues during a telephone chat with Putin, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

The Austin bomber is changing tactics, and the uncertainty is terrifying:

Austin is on edge after a series of package bombs were found around the city in recent weeks, and investigators are still scrambling to catch the perpetrator.

Grocery stores, apartment buildings and restaurants have been evacuated at a moment’s notice. Residents all around town are seeing more police yellow tape and hearing the sound of helicopters more often.
“This is terrorizing the city of Austin,” said Rep. Michael McCaul told President Donald Trump at a law enforcement roundtable on Tuesday.

Smithsonian moves Michelle Obama portrait due to ‘high volume of visitors’:

Michelle Obama was so popular she needed more space.

The distinctive Amy Sherald painting of the former first lady, unveiled at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery last month, has relocated to a different part of the museum due to demand.
“We’re always changing things up here. Due to the high volume of visitors, we’ve relocated Michelle Obama’s portrait to the 3rd floor in our 20th-Century Americans galleries for a more spacious viewing experience,” the National Portrait Gallery tweeted.

Nor’easter will likely bring most significant spring snow in years:

Spring has arrived, but the Northeast can’t seem to shake off winter.

The fourth nor’easter in three weeks will hit the region Wednesday, bringing heavy snow and winds. If the current forecast pans out, this nor’easter will dump more snow on Washington, Philadelphia and New York than the three earlier storms combined.
More than 70 million people are under a winter storm watch, warning or advisory from the southern Appalachians to Boston.
Public schools in New York City, Philadelphia and the District of Columbia are closed Wednesday
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