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When I first started practicing yoga, I was solely in it for the physical benefits. I looked forward to going to the yoga studio to practice my asanas, sweat out all the toxins and stress from my day and start back at it the very next day. However, as I continued to fall in love with the practice of yoga, I organically began to venture off into other connections of the ancient practice, such as meditation.

Although my yoga practice began quite a few years ago, it wasn’t until the past year when I began to incorporate meditation into my daily practice and now, I’m hooked.

I set up a small, comfortable space in my house where I light a candle, began my breathing exercises, followed by some light stretching to wake me up and start my meditation. I’m at a point in my practice where I’m now able to meditate without any additional help, but I actually still enjoy receiving guidance through the use of applications and find it to be quite beneficial.

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