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Jamie Grace is getting married this weekend, and she needs to get rid of some stuff

Jamie is marrying Aaron Collins this weekend in Georgia, and as she prepares to share her life with Collins, the Christian artist says some stuff has to go.

“Here’s the thing… I’m getting married! And the truth is, I have a bit of things in my room, closet and studio that take up a ton of space. Gonna be sharing my life with someone now and some of this stuff has gotta go!”

Jamie is selling shoes, clothes, accessories etc… as she prepares for life with Aaron, with partial  proceeds going to Christian Alliance for Orphans.

Check out the #MstoMrsSale for one of a kind clothes, decorative items, accessories and more! You might even recognize some of these things from my YouTube videos, Instagram photos and live shows. And know, that partial proceeds of all sales will go to CAFO (Christian Alliance for Orphans).
You can check out the items for sale HERE

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