May is the month where you celebrate all of your mom’s contributions to the family and show your appreciation for her diligence. As Mother’s Day approaches on May 13, it’s only fair to pamper your mom with extra special treatment and even a few gifts as tokens of your love.

The modern mother greatly differs from the typical housewife that’s been depicted in movies and television for decades. Now, many mothers use technology to optimize their lives as they balance work, home and a social life.

Have you considered what kind of gifts to treat your mother to? If you’re stumped on gift ideas, we’ve got you covered

1. Technology

A smartphone, tablet or laptop could make your mom’s life easier. With such a device, she can download countless applications that relate to her hobbies and interest. Also, she’ll be able to communicate with others easier.

2. A streaming subscription

Long are the days when you used to wait around for your favorite shows to appear on television. Now, the luxury of watching your most beloved programs and movies are at the palm of your hand. Gift your mother a Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Video subscription so she can binge to her heart’s content

3. Gift cards

Gift certificates are always a safe option since the recipient can make their own purchase. It’s as simple as knowing what stores your mom likes in order to get her a stellar present that will give her control of the outcome.

4. A spa day

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a soothing massage, or as cleansing as a facial treatment. Primp and pamper your mother with a day where her soul and body can recharge.

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