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When word hit that the Whitney Houston estate was producing its own documentary because it was not pleased with several others as they took hard, uncompromising looks at the late superstar, a lot of folks (including us) assumed that theirs would be a lot of fluff and puff and would deal with her drug issues.

Well, guess who was WRONG? The new documentary about Houston, Whitney,” bills itself as an “unflinching” look at the singer’s rise and fall, released its first trailer on Wednesday and it doesn’t hold back.

“There were times when I’d look up to God and I’d go, ‘Why is this happening to me?” she recalls in vintage footage.

From director Kevin Macdonald (“Marley”), “Whitney,” was executive produced by the  Houston family and does not shy from the tragedy of the singer’s drug abuse, emotional woe and the dizzying highs of her journey.

“There were always a lot of secrets,” one Houston pal says in the new trailer. “If you don’t resolve and deal with things, they never go away.”

Check out the trailer as it teases revelations about Houston’s longtime friend and assistant Robyn Crawford and the nature of their relationship. It also covers the depths Houston traveled to “lift up” her husband, Bobby Brown.

“Bobby was jealous,” an interviewee recalls. “He wanted to be on the stage; he wanted to be [at] the forefront. And eventually, she stepped down to lift him up.”

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