via EEWMagazine/ Meagan Good // Sex and Singles:

When I was nineteen, I struggled with celibacy. But what I really did was abdicate responsibility for my celibacy. I would say, “This man could be my husband, so that would make it OK.” Or “Well, I’m not going to initiate sex, so if it happens it’s not because I made it happen.”

But I knew that I was putting the responsibility on the other person and not taking ownership of my commitment. It was hypocritical. Finally, I said, “This is not what the Lord has for me. I’m not going to go into another relationship trying to be celibate and then passively caving on the commitment.”

I had to make the commitment that sex was absolutely off the table. The crazy thing is that when I did that, God blessed me with somebody who was celibate before I was. It’s incredible how things can work out when we’re true to God and to ourselves.

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