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via News5:

The first community meeting regarding funding issues with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District construction and renovation project will be held Tuesday night.

According to CMSD CEO Eric Gordon, the state has changed its funding for the building and renovation project, which means construction has been put on hold.

For 14 years, Gordon said the Ohio Facilities Construction Commissionmade allowances for higher construction and labor costs within the city of Cleveland. But in 2016, that exception was taken away, Gordon said.

Gordon said the change will affect 13 schools and result in a $34 million impact. He said he refuses to back down without a fight.

“I’m not giving away $34 million dollars of taxpayer money to the state and just conceding the point,” Gordon said. “I’m out there advocating that we go to Columbus and demand that Columbus support its single-highest poverty city in making sure that our kids have the facilities they deserve.”

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