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Tracee Ellis Ross never got an answer for why an episode of “Black-ish” that covered the NFL kneeling protest was pulled – a situation she describes as “frightening.”

ABC shelved the politically charged episode in February without providing an explanation as for why.

“The details of why the episode was pulled and everything that has surrounded that, I do not have the answers for,” Ross says in a new roundtable conversation for The Hollywood Reporter. “To a certain extent, I have purposefully stayed out of those conversations because I’ve had no power to do something beyond that.

“I have asked for the information and pushed for the information that I felt would be helpful to me and constructive in what I can do with it, because I find it frightening,” she said.

The actress – who stars as Dr. Rainbow Johnson – noted that the “Black-ish” cast is regularly involved in discussions about the content of their episodes.

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