via FirstLadyB:

In the wake of the news that Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain committing suicide, Gospel singer DeWayne Woods is opening up about his battle with suicidal thoughts.

In an Instagram post, the singer first revealed that his cousin committed suicide earlier this week:

“I never really open up much and my family is very private, but this is my oldest nephew, Steffon, 31. He’s my brother’s oldest son and my mother’s oldest grandson. He took his own life earlier this week.”

Woods went on to share with his followers that he too has battled with suicidal thoughts.

“I’ve been there. Over the last few years, I too was suicidal. Everyday I’m fighting against depression, renewing my mind and God has changed me, but I still understand this page

The singer then encouraged his followers,

“anyone who needs to know this, hear my heart…YOU ARE LOVED. You matter. You are valuable and life really is worth living. Please reach out to someone, because I am a living witness that there is an abundance of love and happiness available for you. You just have it make it past this moment right here. Please don’t give up.”


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