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Laura Bush pens scathing column on child separation as part of immigration policy:

Former first lady Laura Bush spoke out Sunday night about the separation of families on the US border, writing a harsh criticism of the current zero-tolerance immigration policy being enforced under the Trump administration.

Bush, whose opinion piece ran in The Washington Post, decries the separation of children from parents entering the United States illegally as “cruel” and “immoral.”
It’s a rare public admonishment of current administration policy from Bush, who has seldom weighed in on politics since her husband left office.
“I live in a border state. I appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries, but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart,” Bush writes.

Japan quake: Strong tremor shakes Osaka, killing at least 3:

A strong earthquake hit the Japanese city of Osaka during morning rush hour Monday, killing at least three people and injuring 73, Japan’s government says.

The 5.3 magnitude quake shook Osaka, on Japan’s main Honshu Island, around 8 a.m. Monday local time (7 p.m. Sunday ET) according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). The Japan Meteorology Agency put the magnitude at 5.9 and JMA Seismic Intensity at 5.3.

The radio man without a voice:

If you’re scanning through radio stations, you may soon hear a familiar but oddly mechanical voice reporting the latest news from Capitol Hill.

Cox radio veteran Jamie Dupree is back on the air Monday after a two-year absence. But the melodious tones that graced the airways for over 30 years sound a bit different today.
Dupree isn’t speaking. Instead, he is typing into a text-to-speech application that uses years of his archived audio to create an artificial voice. He calls it “Jamie Dupree version 2.0.”
“It will be a computer-generated synthesis of my voice,” he told audiences, announcing his return.
A bit robotic, yes, but for Dupree, it’s an answer to a prayer. He abruptly lost the ability to speak in spring 2016, and it hasn’t come back.
Jamie Dupree is the radio man without a voice.

Will ‘The Incredibles 2’ bring more power to animated sequels?:

If “The Incredibles 2” has an incredible opening weekend, Disney can give thanks, in part, to the ageless aspect of animation — a medium tailor-made for sequels, which allows this movie to pick up where the original left off, 14 years later. While that might be advantageous for studios, the allure of sequels could also lead to diminished creativity in what was once one of movie-going’s most unexpectedly ambitious genres.

There’s no denying that the entertainment business has become increasingly wedded to the comfort and familiarity of sequels and spinoffs. Pixar, however, the Disney-owned unit behind “Incredibles,” has historically prided itself on its creativity and originality, resisting the siren song of sequels through much of the company’s early years.
The animation powerhouse fulfilled that promise with a virtually uninterrupted string of widely admired hits that appealed to adults and children alike — titles like “Up,” “WALL-E” and “Ratatouille.”

At least 5 die when SUV crashes after being chased by Border Patrol

A vehicle packed with undocumented immigrants flipped Sunday, ejecting 12 people and killing at least five after a chase in south Texas, Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd said.

Four people were killed at the scene about 50 miles from the Mexico border and a fifth person died at a hospital in San Antonio, the sheriff said.
The incident started after a Border Patrol agent in Carrizo Springs suspected smuggling when he saw a trio of vehicles pass him on a rural highway around 11 a.m., US Customs and Border Protection said. The agent stopped one vehicle and radioed a description of the other vehicles to other agents, the agency said.
A second agent stopped the second vehicle and several people were arrested from those two vehicles, but the third vehicle didn’t stop when an agent tried to pull it over, Customs and Border Protection said.

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