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Leandria Johnson has apologized for her recent offensive rant about “the church” and gospel icon Marvin Winans.

Apparently upset that Winans did not acknowledge her at a public event, she called him out for ignoring her and dropped the “F” bomb a few times. She angrily stated that he walked past her like she was a “peasant” and did not know he was her inspiration.  She also said “F— this Christianity B.S!”

The expletive-laced rant cost her a featured role during the gospel event at the Essence Fest where she was scheduled to pay tribute to gospel legend Dottie Peoples.

Johnson went back online to explain why she was booted , saying she was using her “amendment” right (referring to the right to free speech granted by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution), adding she meant what she said.

Early Tuesday evening, Johnson took to Facebook to apologize to her church-going fans. On a break from a photo shoot, she took the time to explain that she was talking about the politics of the church and  apologized if she offended anyone for the choice of words she used.

“Me saying ‘f’ the church, I meant to address the politics of the church. . .you know what I’m saying? All the little undermining things that hurts (sic) people like me, people like other people who have been through a lot of things in the church. . .The way I said it, using the ‘f’ bomb, I apologize to the fans of mine that do go to church.”

Johnson, 35, said she stands by her feelings with regard to the politics and “stuff” that goes on behind closed doors, adding that she does not like it and would like to see a resolution to the issues in the church.

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