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Facebook’s new political crackdown affected a Christian singing group last week when the popular social media platform decided to remove a video posted by Zion’s Joy! After facing backlash, it reinstated the video and now the message is reaching more people than ever.

Zion’s Joy! released their powerful music video to their song, “What Would Heaven Look Like,” last month on Facebook. The first minute of the video features footage from some of the real-life social unrest that has been seen America recently, including protesters crying, others waving the American flag, folks being carried away in stretchers, along with scenes of demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia.

They sing the words, “I know it might feel like this trouble will stay, but this world will soon fade away.

The rest of the song is an encouragement to come together in unity because that’s what Heaven will reflect. From then on the video simply shows the group’s singers from all different backgrounds singing in a recording studio and on a rooftop.

As the video gained momentum and Zion’s Joy! put money toward paying to “boost” their reach on Facebook, the social media algorithm was alerted and it prompted it to flag “What Would Heaven Look Like” as “political content” and completely blocked the video without any warning.

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